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Mold Testing Services in Cutler Ridge, FL

Mold can be an inconvenience in our homes and can appear for numerous reasons even when we least expect it. The presence of indoor mold is a serious hazard that can cause a variety of discomforts from allergy-like symptoms to unpleasant smells as well as property damage.

Whenever mold growth is found in a home or commercial building, it's important to remove the mold as quickly as possible to protect ourselves from its negative consequences. Professional mold testing can detect hidden mold and provide the needed information to establish an effective remediation plan. If you live in Cutler Ridge, Florida and have any reason to suspect mold in your home, contact our mold experts at 305-433-7503.

Professional Mold Testing: What is It?

Professional mold testing refers to all the processes involved in the detection of mold in the home or office space. This involves testing areas that are contaminated or suspected to have mold by using air tests and taking surface samples. You will then be provided with a detailed report about the type of mold species found, and the levels of mold spores in the indoor air.

When Should You Test for Mold?

Testing for mold is something that you should do to ensure your home or office is in good condition. You should test for mold in any of the following situations:

  • Moving: Whenever you decide to sell your home, making sure the house is mold-free will make the selling process easier. The same logic also applies if you are planning on purchasing a new home, it's a good idea to test it for mold before making the purchase.
  • Symptoms of Mold Sickness: If you notice any of the signs and symptoms of mold sickness, then it's highly recommended to test for mold.
  • Suspect Mold: You don't always have to wait for mold sickness before deciding to hire a certified mold testing specialist. If you have any reason to suspect mold in your home or office, then contact a professional to put your mind at ease.

How Do We Perform Mold Testing?

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Cutler Ridge, we employ all the latest techniques and use the most advanced technologies available in our mold testing process. Our procedure includes:

Sample Collection

The first thing we do is collect samples from any of the suspected areas or other areas where mold can grow, using the standard air and surface sampling methods. We will inspect all areas of the home or office including attics, living rooms, garages, bedrooms, dining areas, or other areas that could be contaminated with mold.

It doesn't matter if the mold is hiding behind the walls or in your carpets, we will be able to detect it if any is present. Whether it is your home, office, apartment building, or townhouse, we can inspect any type of property for mold.

Reviewing Results

Once the samples have been collected, we send them to an independent certified lab for further testing. The lab will analyze the samples and determine the species of mold and their levels in your indoor environment. This information will then be used to create an effective remediation plan if elevated levels of mold are found.

Mold Inspection vs Mold Testing: Which One Do You Need?

Mold inspection mainly involves visually checking for the presence of mold. We will also analyze moisture levels using various tools like thermal imaging cameras to identify any problem areas where mold may hide.

Mold testing involves additional processes aimed to identify the specific type of mold present, the levels of mold spores in the indoor air and provides recommendations on how to treat the infestation.

Black Mold and the Air in Your Home

When black mold is present in a home, it will release airborne mold spores that negatively affect the indoor air quality. You may also notice a foul musty smell in the affected area. Furthermore, these spores can result in various irritations and cause allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. If you experience any of these symptoms for no obvious reasons, there is a high chance you may have mold growing in your home.

Call Us for Mold Testing Near You

Have you been experiencing symptoms of mold exposure or do you suspect mold in your home? Then call us at 305-433-7503. If you live in Cutler Ridge or around the Cutler Bay area, you can finally stop searching for "mold testing near me", and get in touch with our specialists today to test your home or business for mold.

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